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Netgear Genie is a software application which runs both on computer or laptop and Mobile Phones as well. It is easy to configure and manage Netgear Home Router with the use of Netgear Genie Application. The software application provides a simple dashboard that helps in monitoring, controlling and repairing home network. It is easy and simple to use the application but sometimes user face issues in using the application. If your face any issues in using the application then all you have to do is call on our Netgear Genie Support Phone Number and we will make sure that your issue with Genie application is resolved without any hassles. The software application is help user to perform network speed test. It is easy to set up a guest network for friend and family, you can make changes in your wi-fi password using the application. The Netgear Genie also supports live parental controls and allows you to see graphical maps of all your network device connected currently. While using the application if you face any difficulties then all you need to do in order to get complete Netgear genie support or service is call us at Netgear Genie Technical Support Phone Number. Our Netgear Genie Tech Support Technician is accessible around the clock 24/7. So, whether its day or nights call and get complete, safe and secure assistance.


Speed Test:

With the help of Netgear Genie Software Application you can easily get speed test on of your Internet. The test speed allows the user to test the current speed using two methods. With the help of the first method, you can easily measure how fast your PC can download any website content. The greater the downloading speed the better the internet connection. The second method allows the user to measure ISP broadband Speed. So, if you face any issue while speed testing then you can call us at Netgear Genie Phone Number.

Guest Network:

Does your router support guest wireless network? Now you can easily view and modify the setting for the guest network. With a help of a guest network, you can use your wireless router to get connected to the internet. On the guest network, a user is not allowed to download the content. It becomes very simple to use genie application to changes/modify setting on the guest network but sometimes user face challenges in performing the setup. So, if you are facing any issue with the genie application then immediately call us at Netgear Genie Tech Support Number.

Network Map:

Looking for easy way to see your network map of the router’s internet connection and a device connected to it? When there is a good connection the sign showed it green. A red line is shown to indicate that connection is not working properly. Now, you can also select to get notifies every time a new device is connected your network. All you need to do is click on checkbox ‘ Notify me of a new device that connects to my network’. Are you facing issue to find the checkbox? Call now on our Netgear Phone Number USA. Our technicians have years of experience in the field and them make sure that your query is handled on a priority basis. So, call now and give it a go!

Wireless Setting:

With the help of Netgear Genie Application you can view your current basis wireless setting, also for your router you can view the name (SSID). Choose from channel selection easily and change/modify the password whenever required. To changes, wireless setting follow steps:-
1. Login to your Netgear Genie Application
2. Goto Router Settings
3. Then Wireless setting
4. Make changes and then click on apply
Facing issue in applying the changes from your Netgear Genie Application? Do not worry connect with the best customer care agent and get full support. While you call on our Netgear Genie toll-free number make sure that you tell your complete problem to our representative so that they can help you and provide you with a complete solution.

Parental Control:

Setting your parental control for the first time? Call now at our Netgear Genie Support Phone number and get complete step by step instructions. Make sure you tell your complete problem related to Netgear router or application. Our customer care agents are accessible around the clock 24/7. So, whether its day or nights call us and we will assist you out of any related issue. To set up parental control follow steps:-
1. First click on Manage button
2. Then Click on next
3. On the prompt user can choose to select OpenDNS, Create a new OpenDNS if you don’t have one
4. Continue as per the Wizard.


To access tools option, first goto Network Support then select tools. For the user to select from following tools are available:-
1. Ping: It is used to test a path from your computer to a destination
2. TraceRoute: This feature is used to identify the router taken by a data packet
3. DNS Lookup: You can use DNS lookup to find IP address of a hostname
4. Computer Profile: Now, you can view details about the computer you are using.
If you find any challenges in getting into tools menu then call us at Netgear Genie Setup Phone Number.

Network Control:

With Netgear Genie get complete control of your network. It is easy and fun to use the software application to manage the router. It application support SSO ( Singl sign-on ) feature. Also, it helps the user to easily monitor, connect and have complete control of the home network just by a tablet or a smartphone. The Netgear Genie helps you to share and stream music and videos, diagnose as well as repair the network issues. But, sometimes user face challenges in using the network control. If you face any challenge then just call us at Netgear Genie Tech Support Phone Number.

Netgear Genie Remote Access:

Complete network control of your home network at you figure tips. With remote access feature repair and diagnose or change any setting in your home network simply by using your smartphone. Also, have a look at network map or reboot your router. If getting any issue while doing anything on the router using the Netgear Application then in order to get complete support just call us. Your call on the number is free of charge!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I log in to my router using Netgear Genie?

Open NetGear Application

  1. Enter username as ‘admin’
  2. Enter password as ‘password’
  3. You are now completely logged in to your router

How to update my Router Firmware with the help of Netgear Genie?

  1. First, complete the login process
  2. Then, Go to Router Setting
  3. Then click on update

How many devices can I connect to my Netgear Router?

total 32 devices can be connected to Netgear Router

Can I change my router login username?

No, you cannot change login username although you can change router password.

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